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We need your help!!  One of the most important things to us is for Becca to view as much of the world as possible before she loses her vision.  We are planning to travel as much as time allows but we also know that there are many places in the world that Rebecca may never see.  She will always be able to visit after her vision fades and experience them with her other senses but she may never see them.  This is where you can help.

We would like her to see the world through all of you.  We are interested in photos of places that you have visited and that you feel are must see places (see the side bar for some of the photos we received so far).  We want to show Rebecca as many as these photos as possible such that she may remember what they look like in case some day she visits there.  Our blog was titled MemoriesForBecca for a reason, we want to give her as many memories as possible such that she can draw on them when she loses her vision.  What we are asking from you is for a photo of your favorite place that you visited, and we are asking that you tag it #MemoriesForBecca , #USHFamily (For Facebook posts please tag your picture with @MemoriesForBecca).   This would mean so much to us as it will help us not only show our Becca the world around us but also help us raise awareness about Usher Syndrome in hopes that a cure will be found and we can beat this disease and help thousands of people with Usher Syndrome continue to see the world.

We got this idea shortly after Rebecca was diagnosed when a friend of a family member sent us a google drive filled with all of the beautiful places that she visited and she titled the drive  “glimpses for you :)” , it was a beautiful gesture that meant the world to us.    After the tears stopped flowing we sat down with Becca and showed her all of the pictures.  She is still to young to understand the importance of this but she will someday and when it does become clear in her mind we want her to know that we are fighting to make sure she will always be able to see all the beautiful places this world has to offer.

So please share with us your favorite place to visit and tag your photos and tell us a bit about them so that we can share them with Rebecca.  We will feature as many of these pictures on our blog as we can.  You can also send your photos and stories about them to

We would also appreciate if you shared this page with all your friends using the share buttons below so that we can get the word out.

All the Best,

Beth and Jake

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