This is a first cut at the look and feel for the Braille teaching toy I am making for Rebecca.  More about the idea here in this link,  I still have not officially disclosed how she will interact with it but the idea is to make a fun toy that she can use to learn […]

Something I feel pretty strongly about is using technology to create low cost solutions for people with special challenges.  The maker space has been a catalyst for this and makers continue to drive low cost solutions into the hands of those who need it.  In some cases people are in desperate need of a solution […]

Beth and I have been reading a book titled, “No Barriers” authored by Erik Weihenmayer.  Erik is an adventurer who is telling his story about kayaking the Grand Canyon and also discusses his adventures of hiking Mt. Everest.  He is also vice president of the board of the not for profit, No barriers USA, which began […]

  This Thursday we head to the 9th Annual USH connections conference in Chicago.  It will be the largest Usher Syndrome related event we have been to.  Along with 200+ other people, both families and individuals affected in some way by Usher Syndrome.   We will be travelling with mixed emotions, on one hand we […]

My experience as a parent of a disabled child.

Rebecca is doing her part to help find a cure.  The Foundation Fighting Blindness reached out to us to ask if they could use her story and her pictures in their latest campaign to raise funds to help find a cure.  We were of course happy to help and love the way the email campaign […]

  When you take a look at the clinical trial space its difficult not to see the major flaw with studies that target diseases that are considered rare. The big problem is patient enrollment and retention.  Patients with rare diseases are, well rare… There are a number of efforts that help with the recruitment and […]