Rebecca is doing quite well.  Unfortunately her Physical Therapist was in a car accident just after Thanksgiving, so Rebecca hasn’t had PT in quite a while.  We’ll be starting weekly PT up at Children’s Hospital next week until her regular PT from Early Intervention is back.  As I previously posted, Rebecca has CME (cystoid macular […]

On Wednesday December 21st our family was invited to an Usher Syndrome awareness event that was being sponsored by Arts for USH.  The significance of the date was that it coincided with the winter solstice and occurred on the darkest day of the year.  Not exactly sure how many people walked but I believe it […]

12-15-16 Today was the big day of Rebecca’s surgery, we walked into this day filled with anxiety and fear but left with relief and hope.   It was certainly a scary day for both of us and no matter how many people told us she was in good hands we did not find relief until […]

Rebecca’s CI surgery is only a little more than a week away, it’s hard to believe.  For so long it seemed so far away, and yet here it is.  The surgery itself we are told will be approximately 6-1/2 to 7 hours, and they will need an additional hour to perform a ERG test on […]

Home We have started a new hope pen give away contest.  We are trying to raise awareness and for every like and share of this blog it helps us tell more people about Usher Syndrome.  To enter the contest simply like this blog post or our page.  We will pick the winner on 11/30.  We […]

When Becca was born and we found out she was deaf I knew that the world was not going to adapt to her needs so I started thinking about ways that I could make the word a bit easier for her to navigate.  When we found out that she would also lose her vision the […]

Two months from today Rebecca’s implants will be activated, it seems hard to believe that she will hear us, in just TWO MONTHS!!  Unfortunately we have to get through the surgery before that happens, but she will be ok, she is in good hands at Children’s Hospital.  During her surgery the ophthalmologist will take a […]