First Prototype Of Notification Wearable for Rebecca

Got this notification wearable a lot further than I expected. Still needs a ton of refinement before it will be usable but I would say this is about halfway to being a viable tool for Rebecca to wear.

Next step with this is to reconfigure the hardware so that it can be embedded into a wrist band. We also need to experiment with the vibration patterns a bit, The driver library I am using has over 100 patterns so its just a matter of settling on one that is going to be comfortable for her.

The good news is now that it is integrated into our Google home it should make it super easy for us to get get Rebecca’s attention when needed. We wont have to worry about range in and around the house but outside will be limited to 150′ which could be better.

To learn why we are making this here are a couple of recent links explaining a new challenge that Rebecca is facing.

Bad Medical implants

Can you fix my CIs mom

Post explaining the wearable concept

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