Time to Get Going

OK Guys, I have a stack of components, a janky soldering iron and a simple idea that may help Rebecca communicate over the next few weeks that she is without hearing. Once her cochlear implants are removed on June 4th (story) she will be without hearing for at least a couple of weeks. Then there will be a period of time when her cochlear implants are slowly being turned on and during that time it won’t always be easy to get her attention.

What I intend to do over the next week and a half with all of these parts is build her a device that will enhance our ability to communicate through haptics. At a minimum we will build her a watch that will vibrate by pressing a centrally located button in the house. This vibration will tell her that we want her attention. Best case is we will integrate this device into our Google Home so that we can say “hey Google, Call Rebecca”. Of course we also intend to include a special vibration pattern for “hey Google, tell Becca we love her”. The more she knows we are there and close by through this extremely confusing time for her the better.

I know I can build the simple button to watch communication, but the integration into Google Home may be a bit of a stretch. If there is anyone reading this that has done something like this before and willing to share your implementation I would love to hear about it. Please also pass along to anyone who may be able to help out on this. You can either leave a comment here or shoot an email to jake@adapttheworldlabs.com

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  1. Fred Reynolds · · Reply

    Awesome idea Jake. Your mom always has ideas and that is obviously where your special version of Idea-DNA comes from. She says, maybe you can leave simple messages using various emoji’s, etc. Good Luck and we will C U soon.

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