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The BecDot

This is a first cut at the look and feel for the Braille teaching toy I am making for Rebecca.  More about the idea here in this link,  I still have not officially disclosed how she will interact with it but the idea is to make a fun toy that she can use to learn […]

Accessibility Through Technology

Something I feel pretty strongly about is using technology to create low cost solutions for people with special challenges.  The maker space has been a catalyst for this and makers continue to drive low cost solutions into the hands of those who need it.  In some cases people are in desperate need of a solution […]

Huge Surprise, Thanks Philips!!

Huge shout out to the folks over at Philips Hue!! They saw our blog post about our lea puzzle solution using their smart lights and decided to send us their latest model with richer colors.  Looking forward to integrating these new lights into Rebecca’s Lea puzzle solution! Not only does this help our Rebecca but I […]

Interactive Visual Acuity Puzzle (Lea Shapes) using RPi3 and Arduino micro

On one of our visits to the ophthalmologist we were told that we should start familiarizing Becca with the Lea shapes (as to why, you can find more about Becca’s journey here).  Because of her retinitis pigementosa, which is a retinal disease associated with Usher Syndrome, she will need to start vision testing much earlier […]