Adapt the World Labs

adapt-the-world-labs_largeAdapt the world labs is nearly official.  Our logo is complete and the paper work to finalize our foundation is in the hands of the state.  Adapt the World Labs (website coming soon) primary goal is to use technology to develop solutions for people with extra needs and make that technology available to the people who need it the most.  We are starting with the BecDot and will use that as both a platform and stepping stone to develop many solutions for people with extra needs.  We have amassed a number of ideas and prototypes that support our vision of adapting the world, these are by no means earth shattering technological advances but simple ideas using existing and new technology to help enhance, improve and ultimately adapt the world for a person with a specific need.

The number one question I get about the name is what do you mean by “Adapt the World”?  The main argument that people have, is that we are adapting the person not the world and that we are foolish to think that we can adapt the world to meet a persons needs.  Mainly the people calling us naive are the Cheetos eating midnight keyboard warriors, and typically I would not feed the trolls but thought it would be a good thing to explain nonetheless.  First of all, lets set naivety aside for a moment, as I truly believe naivety is actually beneficial in all of this…  The idea of adapting the world is not about an individual and although we are developing solutions for individuals with specific needs it is the end game that we ultimately have in mind.  Using the BecDot as an example, which is a toy that supports braille literacy at an early age.

The idea is that a child develops braille skills that help them through school and enables them to eventually land a job.  Keeping in mind that the rate of employment is around 70% for a blind working age person and many of those unemployed are not braille literate.  If with what we are doing with the BecDot enables a percentage of those people who would have otherwise been unemployed gain employment later in life then we have effectively adapted the world by enabling a group of people to enter the work force and change some of the stigma around blindness.  Sure, arguably this is a lofty goal and the reality is that we will not be able to tie improvements in employment among the blind back to a toy but its the idea behind it and the potential that it sparks new tangential ideas that also support braille literacy.  Ideas that are not our own but other peoples ideas that are inspired by the notion that a simple solution can significantly change the world for someone with an extra need, that is what we mean when we talk about adapting the world.

Truth be told we have no idea how we will sustain a business model around this idea of adapting the world but that is the very reason that motivates us to move it forward.  We will figure it out as we go and probably fail a few times along the way but we will learn, adapt and make a noteworthy impact.  Our success wont be measured in the traditional monetary sense but rather in how much impact we have on individuals, groups and ultimately society who benefit from our work.

Pull the anchor, drop the sails, lets see if this thing floats!!

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  1. Love this concept! I will have to adapt so much for my little girl. It seem so unfair. Good luck!


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