Despite The Challenges

Despite all of the challenges…..the device failures, the vestibular loss and struggle to balance, the too-frequent falls with bloody noses and a scraped face, the night-blindness, the communication breakdowns, the constant struggle to learn more in as short amount of time as possible, and all of the appointments………

Rebecca is thriving. There may be falls, but she always gets back up, and never backs down. She is fearless, which can be a little scary at times, but I never want to hold her back. Rebecca is SO smart, and has learned so much in her short 4 years on this earth. She has taught us more than we ever could have known. She has so many obstacles in her way, and yet she has come so far.

Rebecca is having both of her cochlear implants surgically removed and new ones implanted on June 4th, less than a week away! We are nervous and scared, we are anxious and worried. But we know Rebecca will be ok. She is the toughest little girl we have ever met. I admire her braveness, this little girl, only 4 years old. Rebecca will come out of surgery, and she will be back to herself in no time, I have no doubts.

Rebecca will be taken care of by the same surgeon who performed her first surgery, and we know that she will be in the best hands. Rebecca’s audiologist is amazing with her, and will get her back to where she was, I am sure of it. Rebecca’s teachers and specialists are so supportive, and we feel so lucky to have them.

In no time at all, Rebecca will be back to herself……..running around without a care in the world, jumping in puddles, teasing her sister, blaming her toots on our dog Bruno, pranking her dad, and pushing all of our buttons!!! That’s just Rebecca. She is fearless and wild, and will push to do anything we try to keep her from. Yet, she is gentle and loving and she tells me that she loves me “even more” when I tell her I love her. She cuddles me so close, and tells me that I am her best friend, and it melts my heart every time.

This little girl, this amazing 4 year old girl, she is small, but oh so mighty, and she will overcome all of this, despite all of the challenges!!

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  1. Judy and Bill · · Reply

    All our love and prayers!!

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