Team Becca’s Favorite DJ

Forty years is a long time. For all forty years of my life, I have had one constant friend, who naturally after all of these years, I consider family. How many of you can say that you have had the same friend for every year of your life, from the day you were born? I consider myself to be extremely lucky. You see, when I was born, my dearest friend Margie, was my babysitter. Yes, you’ve got that right, from the day I came home from the hospital! I find myself in disbelief sometimes, that someone would care so much, to be in my life for all of my 40 years. As I said, she was there when I was born. She was there having dance contests with me and our other amazing friend Annie, who was taken way too soon, in my bedroom. We would sing “Do Re Me” and laugh and dance. She braided my hair and adorned it with the fanciest bows. When I was a little older and she could drive, I remember her picking me up to take me to a haunted house at Halloween time. She let me sit on her lap and steer her car when I was WAY too young to drive! She worked in an office in the school where Jake and I attended High School. I used to sneak out of class to go see her, usually Jake, my best friend at the time, would be with me, and I can remember her telling me, “he really likes you. Like, REALLY likes you”. Margie thought the world of Jake, and she let me know it. Margie has been there for me for all of my ups and downs, and there have been many. She was away at College and on the phone with me after we got the earth shattering news that our best friend Annie had died in a car crash. She was, of course, there for me when my heart broke when we got the news that Rebecca was deaf, and would also one day be blind. She taught me how to be a good person, she was the best role model. For quite sometime, I went off track, down a path that I am not proud of, but I believe that it is because of her, that I realized what I needed to do, what type of person I needed to be. She set the bar. What kind of person, who has no family ties to another person, stays beside them for their entire life? I’ll tell you who…..Margie Souza. She is one of, if not the most, amazing person I have ever known. And one thing I know for sure, without a doubt……her husband Ken, if he were still here, would agree!

I was in awe of Margie and Ken on their wedding day, it feels like just yesterday. Everyone in the room could feel the love they had for one another. I for one, was SO HAPPY for Margie. She deserved this MORE THAN ANYONE! Margie and Ken and their dog Spenser bought a house in Fairhaven, not too far from Jake and I, and loved each other immensely.

When I reached out to Margie to ask for her help in creating a fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for Usher Syndrome, so that my sweet Rebecca may have a chance of keeping her sight, of course…..she jumped in head first……and so did Ken. We had many meetings at our house, with food and lots of wine, and Margie and Ken were at every one….sharing their thoughts, ideas, insights, and knowledge of fundraisers they had done in the past.

When it came time for the much anticipated, incredibly-nervous-over, Team Becca Fundraiser…..Ken ran it. Ken, who also had no family ties to me, no reason to help us as much as he did. It’s no wonder that Margie and Ken ended up together. Two of the most incredibly selfless people I have ever met. Ken truly shined at each fundraiser we had, he ran the night, and he was amazing at it. It couldn’t have happened without his dedication, support, and talent. We were, and still are, so grateful for him.

It makes my heart break to say, that Ken passed away, just a few weeks ago. He was taken way, way too soon. Margie and Ken deserved to dance through life and love for many, many more years. Margie and Ken moved away shortly before he passed, so I cannot be there with her. But my heart still breaks for her. I still can’t believe that this is real, and that I am writing about it. Margie and Ken shared a love that most people never get to experience, and for that, I am grateful. Margie deserved every second of the love that their nineteen years of marriage brought them, and I only wish it could have been more. Ken will forever be missed, and I will always be grateful for his dedication, support, friendship, but most of all……..I am so grateful for the love that he gave my most deserving friend, Margie Souza.

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  1. Melissa · · Reply

    This is so beautifully said Beth. My deepest sympathies to Margie. 💜


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