Update (Beth)

Two months from today Rebecca’s implants will be activated, it seems hard to believe that she will hear us, in just TWO MONTHS!!  Unfortunately we have to get through the surgery before that happens, but she will be ok, she is in good hands at Children’s Hospital.  During her surgery the ophthalmologist will take a look at her retina, they need to do this when she is asleep as they need her to be perfectly still for the procedure (ERG).  We know that she is already losing her night vision but we are hopeful that the results of the ERG will show that her peripheral vision is unaffected.


My grandmother called me a couple weeks ago to let me know that Rev. Patricia at the Christ Congregational Church in Brockton included Rebecca in her sermon.  Unfortunately we were not at church that day.  I was told she talked about Rebecca and about our blog.  We are lucky to be part of this great church.  I was never a very religious person, I wasn’t brought up going to church but I feel very welcomed here.  Reagan really enjoys going to Sunday School with the friends she has made there.  Both Reagan and Rebecca were baptized at this church.  Every Sunday the sermon is interpreted in ASL, as was Rebecca’s baptism, and it is just beautiful to watch.  This past Sunday Rev. Patricia and the interpreter, David, taught the entire church a few signs in ASL, it was just great.  Even the woman who works in the nursery knows sign language.  I put Rebecca in the nursery for the very first time this past Sunday and she did great.  I feel like Rebecca is not only welcomed here, she is genuinely cared for, and thought about and prayed for.  We are very fortunate to have such great people surrounding us, great family and friends, great people in town, great people at church, and even great strangers who have reached out to us during this time of trying to figure out how we are going to get through this.

I am in the beginning stages of planning a fundraiser to help raise funds for the Foundation Fighting Blindness which is going to be held in April, I am very excited about it, and I am hoping for a great turn-out.


  1. My mom and I pray for Rebecca everyday! Looking forward to the fundraiser in April. Love you all! ❤️


  2. God bless you all, she is beautiful xxxooo


  3. Diane antone · · Reply

    Please let me know what I can do! Love you guys! Xoxo


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