Hope Pen Give Away

Last week we asked folks to share our blog to help raise awareness for Usher Syndrome, and for everyone who shared it we were going to enter their name into a hat and pick one winner of a hope pen.



We are happy to announce that because of all of you, there are now an extra 1500 people out there that visited our site and likely learned about a rare disease (Usher Syndrome) that they did not know of before.  Every share, comment, or like of our blog allows us to reach even more people.  This is one of the ways we help to fight this terrible disease and we are so fortunate to have people in our lives that are willing to help.  Because we are so grateful we are going to give away two pens instead of one, and please keep an eye out for more drawings in the future.

Thank you all!!

And the winners are….


  1. No thank you beth and Jake for giving us sweet Rebecca…….and her big sister Reagan!

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  2. I have shared on my FB page, our daughter was born drag and is now 34 and just now starting to lose her site with this disease , she was also born with a cleft lip and pallet. We have spent many many days and nights at children’s. Your journey is just starting and you are so doing the right things. Knowledge and research are your friend . God bless


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