Story Time

Unfortunately all of the play-groups for deaf babies are pretty far away, the closest one to us is in Framingham, which isn’t close at all.  When Reagan was a baby I took her to story time at the library every week, and she loved it.  We practically lived at the library when Reagan was a baby, books were a huge part of her life, and we loved spending time there. Reagan is 7 now and I still take her to the library every week, but now it is to read to a dog, which is a great program.  One of the librarians, Marilyn, brings her dog in every week so that children can read to her.  It’s a popular program and it fills up fast.  Reagan loves sitting and reading her books to a friendly dog who is very willing to lend an ear for a treat.  We love the library here in Middleboro, story time was a big part of Reagan’s life when she was little, and I want the same for Rebecca.  One day while we were at the library waiting for Reagan’s turn to read to the dog I mentioned to Lori,  one of the librarians, that Rebecca was deaf.  Lori showed me where the baby signing books were, and told me that they would get more in.  I asked Amanda, another librarian who runs story-time, if it would be ok if I brought Rebecca to story time and sign the books to her.  Amanda knows that I am taking ASL classes but am no expert at it, so she offered to let me take the books ahead of time so that I can practice signing them before story time.  These two librarians are amazing, and I am so thankful for them, and all of their support.  So, last week I went in the day before story time to look over the books.  I felt pretty confident that I could sign them to Rebecca, but I was so nervous.  I was nervous for many reasons.  I thought that maybe I might make a mistake, and what if everyone was watching me?  I hate to admit it, but I also thought that it might upset me to see so many babies who are doing just fine, who do not have Usher Syndrome.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I didn’t know if I would leave in tears, or if we would enjoy our time.  I had to try though, for my sweet Rebecca.  Thursday morning we went in, and much to my surprise……I was so comfortable!!!  I had no problem signing the books to Rebecca!  I wasn’t emotional at all, I was just SO HAPPY to see my baby girl having fun with other babies.  NO ONE said, as so many do, “oh your baby is deaf?  I’m so sorry!” with a look of pity.  Everyone welcomed us.  Rebecca loved it, I loved it, and we can’t wait to go back!20161020_104256

A HUGE thank you to the Middleborough Public Library (!!!!!!!


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  1. txrenee80 · · Reply

    Rebecca is adorable and she is so blessed to have you and Jake for her parents.


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