A New Perspective

I was driving home from the office the other day thinking of the day we found out that Rebecca would lose her vision and how hopeless we felt during those first few weeks.  We were hoping for a cure but mostly we were preparing for her to lose her vision.  When we started the blog we wrote the following tag line which somewhat illustrates the hopelessness that we were feeling at that time.

“When her world goes dark and on this journey she can no longer lead, we will be ready to lead her from there.  Until then, we are going to enjoy this journey seeing the world through her eyes .”

The key word being “when”, we were resigning ourselves to a reality that we believed was inevitable, I mean how could something so monumental like finding a cure for blindness actually happen in Rebecca’s lifetime?  We read about cures and bionic eyes etc.. but it seemed all too far out of reach.  But we have been on this journey for a while now and like the tag line says, she is leading, and with that she has given us strength and determination to seek out a cure for her.  We have learned so much over the past months about the possible treatments which I outlined in a recent blog post titled Is a Cure to Blindness Really in Sight? and the fact is we are really close.  Rebecca will go blind without a cure and that is simply the reality of her disease but we have more hope than ever that a cure will be found, with all the medical advancements that are happening everyday a cure is likely.   For now we will continue to let her lead us on this journey and along the way we will turn every stone until until a cure is found  and with the help of researchers and the work being done at the Foundation Fighting Blindness we are confident that a cure will be realized.   So with what we know today I figured we should make a slight modification to the blogs tagline:


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